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NAHU Human Resource Compliance solution available to NAHU Members from ThinkHR Corporation

A constantly changing health care environment, coupled with PPACA has added to the complexity of hundreds of different employment law issues employers face involving: hiring, terminations, discrimination, pay and classification, time off / FMLA, continuation of benefits for former employees, employee relations and workplace safety.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, how are you keeping your client abreast of these changes, and more importantly – how is your agency delivering a high quality, convenient solution that ensures your clients are well informed and HR compliant?

3-minute introduction to ThinkHR’s turn-key broker HR Compliance Solution:

Read common (and not so common) Human Resource compliance
Q&A and recent Federal/State compliance alerts on our blog.

ThinkHR provides brokers and their clients with easy and immediate access to expert HR advisors who will provide information and answers in a timely manner to minimize the exposure and risk associated with legal and regulatory matters.

Brokers partnering with ThinkHR will receive a comprehensive solution that includes everything necessary to ensure your clients are informed and HR compliant.

ThinkHR’s comprehensive program includes everything your clients need to establish and maintain proper HR Compliance:

The ROI for brokers is strong:

Broker Extra Value:

While ThinkHR services are available to brokers of every size, we have partnered with ThinkHR to create a special NAHU member offering that allows smaller agencies and independent brokers to leverage the same great HR Compliance resources typically reserved for only the largest agencies.


Agencies with $300,000 in total annual benefits revenue or less:

Receive ThinkHR’s comprehensive services for ALL agency clients (up to 100 employer groups!) for $475/month and one-time set-up fee of $350.

Agencies over $300,000 in total annual benefits revenue:

Receive ThinkHR’s comprehensive services for ALL agency clients for a flat monthly fee. Typical monthly fees range from $550-$3500 per month, plus one-time set-up fee depending upon your agency and client demographics.

Visit ThinkHR at to learn how your agency can provide your clients with the best, most comprehensive HR Compliance solution in the marketplace!