NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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Chapter Certification Program

NAHU's Chapter Certification Program is an ongoing program that recognizes excelling chapters on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. Recognition is based on criteria satisfaction in a variety of areas. To earn Silver Certification, chapters must satisfy at least six of 14 criteria as listed on the criteria sheet. Gold Certification requires a chapter satisfy nine criteria and Platinum Certification is based on a chapter satisfying all 14 of the criteria.

State chapters that achieve at least Silver Certification along with all of its local chapters are recognized with the Blue Ribbon of Excellence. All ribbon and certification recipients are displayed on NAHU's website, acknowledged in HIU and are recognized at Annual Convention. Certification is based on activity within a 12-month period; re-certification is required annually.

NAHU tracks which criteria chapters have satisfied as well as the criteria not satisfied. To see where your chapter stands in achieving the certification, check out the most recent Chapter Status Report. If your chapter has satisfied criteria and it is not reflected on the CSR, please forward the documentation to Dimeko Shaw.

The CSR is updated quarterly, but don't wait to submit any missing information for your chapter. The certification is given immediately upon criteria fulfillment and with annual updates required there after.

Congratulations to the Blue Ribbon of Excellence chapters.

  • Colorado AHU
  • Louisiana AHU
  • Maryland AHU
  • Michigan AHU
  • Missouri AHU
  • Nebraska AHU
  • Nevada AHU
  • New York AHU
  • North Carolina AHU
  • Ohio AHU
  • Oklahoma AHU
  • Texas AHU

Congratulations to the chapters that have become Platinum Certified in the past 12 months

  • California AHU
  • Columbus Ohio AHU
  • Metro Denver AHU

Congratulations to the chapters that have become Gold Certified in the past 12 months

  • Alaska AHU
  • Atlanta AHU
  • California AHU
  • Capital Area AHU
  • Central California AHU
  • Central Kentucky AHU
  • Charlotte AHU
  • Chicago Southland AHU
  • Clark County AHU
  • Coastal Empire AHU
  • Colorado AHU
  • Dallas AHU
  • Desert Cities AHU
  • Eastern Shore AHU
  • Florida AHU
  • Fort Worth AHU
  • Georgia AHU
  • Golden Gate AHU
  • Greater Central New York AHU
  • Houston AHU
  • Idaho AHU
  • Indiana AHU
  • Inland Empire AHU
  • Los Angeles AHU
  • Lubbock AHU
  • Massachusetts AHU
  • Metro Detroit AHU
  • Metro New York AHU
  • Michigan AHU
  • Minnesota AHU
  • Missouri AHU
  • Monmouth New Jersey AHU
  • Nebraska AHU
  • New Mexico AHU
  • New Orleans AHU
  • New York AHU
  • North Carolina AHU
  • Northeast Indiana AHU
  • Northeast Ohio AHU
  • Northeastern New York AHU
  • Northern Nevada AHU
  • Northern New Jersey AHU
  • Northwest Indiana AHU
  • Northwest Ohio AHU
  • Ohio State AHU
  • Oklahoma City AHU
  • Oklahoma State AHU
  • Omaha AHU
  • Orange County AHU
  • Oregon AHU
  • Palm Coast AHU
  • Panhandle AHU
  • Red River AHU
  • Sacramento AHU
  • San Antonio AHU
  • San Diego AHU
  • Silicon Valley AHU
  • South Central Indiana AHU
  • Southern Arizona AHU
  • Southern Colorado AHU
  • Southern Idaho AHU
  • Southwest Florida AHU
  • Southwest Michigan AHU
  • Springfield Missouri AHU
  • St. Louis AHU
  • Texas AHU
  • Treasure Valley AHU
  • Tulsa AHU
  • Ventura AHU
  • Virginia AHU
  • West Michigan AHU
  • Western North Carolina AHU
  • Western Reserve AHU

Congratulations to the chapters that have become Silver Certified in the past 12 months

  • Acadiana AHU
  • Alaska AHU
  • Austin AHU
  • Baltimore AHU
  • Baton Rouge AHU
  • Central New Jersey AHU
  • Cincinnati AHU
  • Coastal Bend AHU
  • Coastal North Carolina AHU
  • East Texas AHU
  • Eastern Idaho AHU
  • El Paso AHU
  • Greater Washington AHU
  • Gulf Coast AHU
  • Heart of Texas AHU
  • Indianapolis AHU
  • Lincoln AHU
  • Louisiana AHU
  • Maryland AHU
  • Nevada AHU
  • New Jersey AHU
  • North Coast AHU
  • Northern Colorado AHU
  • Northern Michigan AHU
  • San Angelo AHU
  • Sandhills AHU
  • Spokane AHU
  • Texoma AHU
  • Triad AHU
  • Triangle AHU
  • Washington AHU
  • West Texas AHU
  • Western New York AHU
  • Western Piedmont AHU
  • Western Rockies AHU

2014 Chapter Certification List

Questions and documentation should be directed to: Dimeko Shaw, Administrative Assistant, 202-595-7539 or