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Wellness - PPO Network

Health Dynamics

The Health Dynamics Preventive Care Program can be delivered company-wide and consists of three main components: fitness, medical and orthopedic testing, health risk assessments, and intervention programs. Establishing a PPO network across regional or national areas, assuring accessibility of the program without being restrained by healthcare or payor segregation is unprecedented. At an exam cost less than 30% of usual charges for members and clients alike, and 100% coverage under the routine care benefits of a company, Health Dynamics stands alone with vision to service an entire company's preventive care needs. To Learn More

On Site Health Care

On-Site Health Care builds customized health care solutions to address the specific needs of companies of all industries and sizes. Our programs are designed to encompass the entire care spectrum, including risk detection, risk resolution, compliance, and reporting. On-Site offers a variety of low level interventions and programs, as well as high level active interventions and programs that enable us to integrate and tailor the appropriate wellness initiatives to your company. Contact: for more information. To Learn More