NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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Wellness - Health Risk Assessment

Advantage Wellness of America

The key to reducing health care costs is prevention. At Advantage Wellness of America (AWA), our goal is to assist members in modifying unhealthy behaviors so as to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. AWA offers members access to discount preferred provider networks for dental, vision, hearing, prescription drug, alternative therapies, cosmetic surgery, health & fitness, weight loss, smoking cessation, and nutritional supplements. On-line wellness education information and a health risk assessment are also offered. National networks are available. Available to groups (2 employees and up) and to individuals. NAHU members and their clients receive a 20% discount. To Learn More



Innovative approach to rising health care costs through individualized report card identifying gaps in care based on national guidelines, education on those gaps through an extensive print, audio, video, personal coach based education, help with fixing these gaps through to-do list in Action cards, available to individuals and to groups locally as well as internationally through a web based program supported by the health coaches. Combined comprehensive prevention and disease management for all including the healthy and the sick. 15% discount to NAHU members and their clients.
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Benefit Management Services

Benefit Management Services' comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program delivers proven results to both self funded and fully insured companies of all sizes and locations. Groups work with a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist for program customization to fit both the needs of the company as well as its employees. Components of the program include a personal wellness profile, on-site health screening events, and one-one-one nurse coaching. Special NAHU pricing discounts (10%). To Learn More


INTERACTIVE EDUCATION TOOLS FOR CDHC AND WELLNESS PLANS: bWell International offers education products and services targeted at building consumer confidence and promoting health and wellness consumerism, including: bWell-informed™ Educational Presentation-an engaging 9 minute multimedia overview that makes it easy for employees to understand the new world of HSAs and account-based health plans. bWell-informed™ Health Risk Forecaster-an online assessment that lets employees take an active role in identifying and managing health risks. bWell-informed™ Health Plan Forecaster-the only interactive, personalized tool to evaluate health plan options over multiple years based on individual health and risk factors. As part of this special promotion, NAHU members and their clients can receive 10% off the bWell-informed™ Educational Presentation. To Learn More

Care Allies

CareAllies supports your members nationwide - from those who are healthy, to those exhibiting some health risks, to those with acute or chronic conditions. Programs are available to NAHU groups, offering a 10% discounts.
Online Tools - web-based health resources including a Health Risk Assessment; 24-Hour Nurse Line - round the clock information and advice; Health Coaching - proactive outreach to members with health risks; Lifestyle Management - addressing weight management, tobacco cessation and stress management; Disease Management - help managing chronic conditions; Healthy Rewards - discounts on health products and services.
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Circle Wellness

Circle Wellness has service hubs throughout the country which allow us to serve multi-site employer groups in every state with ease. Our services range from stand-alone components to comprehensive full year programs for groups with 30 or more participant lives (100 outside of service hub cities). Circle Wellness provides a 5% discount on our full year programs for NAHU members and their clients as well as providing the entire same program free to the individual producer. To Learn More

Corporate Fitness & Health

Wellness Program Summary: Corporate Fitness & Health has over 20 years of experience in consulting, designing, implementing, and maintaining customizable wellness programs for businesses small and large. Services offered include: Wellness Consulting; Health Risk Assessments; On-Site Confidential Health Screenings; Individual and Company Health Reports; Wellness Education Programs; Personal Health Coaching; Wellness Website; Incentive & Contest Design and Maintenance; Fitness Assessments; Monthly Mailings; Newsletters; Medical Self-Care & Health Fairs.
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Direct Laboratory Services, Inc.

Serious medical conditions can go undetected for up to two years without noticeable symptoms. A blood test provides the best warning indicator. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier and more likely it is to be treatable. Now consumers have direct access to major clinical labs across the USA for low-cost, high-quality laboratory services for individuals and groups. Volume-driven pricing allows DLS to offer discounts up to 70% off the regular lab cost, and NAHU members receive an additional savings of 10%. To Learn More

Health Behavior Innovations

Heath Behavior Innovations (HBI) is one of the nation's premier behavior-change oriented health coaching programs. HBI's impact on biometric health risks and healthcare cost increases has been outstanding. HBI offers a comprehensive array of assessment, education, coaching and internet-based wellness services to individuals and employer groups of any size throughout the United States (minimum fees apply for groups < 250 employees). HBI offers all NAHU members and their clients a 10% discount on the PEPM base fee. To Learn More

Health Dynamics

The Health Dynamics Preventive Care Program can be delivered company-wide and consists of three main components: fitness, medical and orthopedic testing, health risk assessments, and intervention programs. Establishing a PPO network across regional or national areas, assuring accessibility of the program without being restrained by healthcare or payor segregation is unprecedented. At an exam cost less than 30% of usual charges for members and clients alike, and 100% coverage under the routine care benefits of a company, Health Dynamics stands alone with vision to service an entire company's preventive care needs. To Learn More

Healthy at Work

Helping employees to become healthier, naturally. Our company provides workshops, health books, health assessments and wellness plans to organizations ranging from Zenith Insurance (300 employees) to Citigroup (300,000 employees). Clients use words like "the best," "excellent" and "changed my life," while scoring us 5.0 (highest) 90% of the time. What would distinguish us from others is our unique educational techniques, our emphasis on natural medicine and our ability to produce and measure impressive outcomes and results. 10% - 25% off for NAHU members.
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HyHealth Introduction
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Infinite Wellness

Infinite Wellness Solutions is a global provider of comprehensive web-based health and wellness programs. Our user-friendly wellness platform is available to groups of all sizes through our Value-Added Model. Our wellness platform can be private-labeled and customized to meet specific client needs. NAHU members and clients receive a 10% discount with a signed annual agreement. For details or to schedule a product demonstration please contact us at (336) 725-8624 or online at To Learn More

My SmileGuide

My SmileGuide is the first interactive oral health risk assessment tool that enables the participant to develop their own secure oral health record. Each enrolled member enters a secure web site - - answers sets of defined questions, receives their personal risk score, and is educated about the relationship of their oral to systemic health. My SmileGuide provides a substantial benefit to individuals and groups because oral health is the most significant life-long health data set.
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The introduction of consumer driven plans, such as HRA's and HSA's has ushered in a new era. They are designed to encourage people to become smart healthcare consumers. But how do brokers and employers help? Where are the tools and resources that we can use to assist our clients?
MediKeeper the premier web-based health care solutions provider has developed a family of products designed to assist enrollees in maximizing their plans. These low-cost products can be sold to individuals or to groups of any size. Coverage is available worldwide. To Learn More

My Wellchoice+

My Wellchoice+ offers wellness programs to individuals; TPA's & groups of all sizes. We provide a proven online wellness program that focuses on Fitness, Nutrition & Life Skills to Adults, Teens and Children. We also provide Smoking Cessation services via tele-phonic coaching for groups of all sizes and Bio-metric testing services for groups down to 50. We compensate you for providing our services that will compliment your clients benefit plans. NAHU members receive 25% off our online wellness program. To Learn More

On Site Health Care

On-Site Health Care builds customized health care solutions to address the specific needs of companies of all industries and sizes. Our programs are designed to encompass the entire care spectrum, including risk detection, risk resolution, compliance, and reporting. On-Site offers a variety of low level interventions and programs, as well as high level active interventions and programs that enable us to integrate and tailor the appropriate wellness initiatives to your company. Contact: for more information. To Learn More

Recess Fitness

Recess ( provides health and wellness management services to corporations nationwide. We coordinate highly qualified health and wellness professionals. Our Integrated Workforce Wellness product includes: comprehensive health assessment (biometrics, disease risk, stress, fitness, diet), customized program development (including baseline and tracking metrics), full service implementation (on-site and remote services, newsletters, reporting). Achieve results. Deliver return on investment. Improve health and well being for your most valuable asset - your people. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on comprehensive health assessments to NAHU members and their clients. To Learn More

Ringful Health

Ringful aims to reduce medical costs, while improving personal health and wellness. Using mobile technology, Ringful enables individuals to stay on top of their personal health, by continuous monitoring, social group motivation and early detection. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to employers that are members of NAHU. To Learn More

SB Wellness Group

SB Wellness Group, a leader in health promotion and prevention in the corporate arena, provides a wide variety of programs and tools to help organizations develop success in health management. SB Wellness Group changes lives and transforms organizations by challenging individuals and encouraging them to achieve optimal wellness while helping companies manage healthcare costs and productivity. SB Wellness provides custom wellness programs and workshops to the corporate market, health risk appraisals, onsite health sessions and evaluations, and targeted programs such as Quit-Smart and NutriPoints all designed to increase your employees' style of life and, in turn, generate a more productive and healthier workforce. To Learn More

Simply Well

Simply Well Introduction
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Viverae is a leading national provider of complete, customized wellness programs. We offer unique employee engagement strategies, customized program planning and back-end data tracking. Our Active, High-Touch, Complete Corporate Coaching Model follows a 4-step process: Assess, Act, Engage & Measure, including: HRA's; Screenings; Action Plans; Health Coaching; Web Tools; Claims Analysis and Measurable Results. Available nationwide. Groups only, minimum 20 employees, no maximum. 5% Discount for NAHU; 10% with Volume Commitment. To Learn More


WellCall is the nation's leading provider of accessible and personalized health management services, promoting better-balanced and more productive lives. WellCall provides clients with unique and innovative programs that lower health care costs, reduce workers compensation claims and lower absenteeism rates. Through access to health and wellness coaches telephonically, health risk assessments, onsite programs, and incentives, WellCall provides solutions that deliver a positive Return on Investment. Our product is available in all 50 states to groups, and we proudly offer NAHU members and their clients a 10% discount on our CostSaver program. To Learn More