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Wellness Certification

Wellness Certification Course

Did you know that "controllable behaviors" -- overeating, smoking and physical inactivity -- account for nearly 25 percent of all U.S. health care spending? Imagine if your employer clients could reduce these costs from their total benefit spending. To address controllable behaviors, many companies are adopting wellness programs. But are such programs effective, and do they offer a return on investment?

Employee Benefits professionals are asked questions like these every day. The ability to not only answer the questions but provide timely, effective advice is essential. For this reason, NAHU is sponsoring a new Wellness Certification course that addresses these issues in a comprehensive overview that draws upon dozens of sources. Approved for two hours of continuing education for insurance in 48 states the course addresses: If you want to stand out among your peers and are looking for real education to improve your knowledge, this course is for you. Your clients depend on you, so make sure you have the answers.

The cost of this course is $90 for NAHU members and $115 for non-members. The cost is $80 for NAHU members and $105 for non-members who register on-line. Certification in Wellness expertise will be provided following completion of the course and an online examination with a passing grade.

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Information for Chapters: Proprietary, do not redistribute second page.

This course is available for presentation at the chapter level. Chapters will also have the option of being able to combine both the Wellness and CDHC programs in one day.

NAHU will provide: Chapter will provide: The cost per member for the course is $80 and for non-members $105. The fees are increased by $10 for those who register by filling out a registration form. This cost is not negotiable as we are committed to a consistent cost nationwide for the course. If a chapter wishes for non-members to attend at the NAHU member rate, a promotional code can be assigned. However, the chapter President must specifically request this discount in writing (an email to are accepted). Registrations (online or other) are due to NAHU by seven (7) days prior to the event. NAHU will handle all registration processes unless the chapter has elected to collect payments. After the completion of the event the Chapter must submit payments in full to NAHU for each registered participant.

If a chapter has 100 or more attendees at the event, the chapter is eligible for a $10 revenue sharing arrangement. Upon receipt of the final sign-in sheets, NAHU will send a check to the host chapter for the balance of their revenue share within 2 to 4 weeks.

Non-members who enroll for NAHU membership on the day of the event will be eligible for a refund of their course fee. Their membership application, membership payment and Registration Refund Form (below) should be returned to NAHU. Note - these individuals must pay for both the course fee and their membership. They will then receive reimbursement for their course registration in full within 2 to 4 weeks.

Registration may be transferred at any time to a future location or another individual should an attendee have to cancel. If no suitable transfer location or individual exists, a refund can be obtained if the attendee completes and submits the registration refund form (below). No refunds will be issued after seven (7) days prior to the event. Transfers are allowed up to the day of the event.

Although the majority of promotion of the event should come from the local level, NAHU will do some secondary promotion for the course as well. Email promotion from NAHU will occur approximately four (4) weeks prior to the event, with two additional reminders closer to the course date. Tip: Having a carrier rep also promote your event greatly increases attendance. Chapters should feel free to use the promotional letter on page one of this letter.

For more information, please contact Farren Baer, vice president of education.