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Ethics Training

Ethics PowerPoint

As a result of some requirements that continue to be unveiled in a few of our states, we have recently determined that in addition to the strictly online format, it would be beneficial to have the material available to be presented at the chapter level. The presentation includes 90 excellent slides and will be of great benefit to any insurance professional who has the privilege of attending a class using them. used its proprietary technology to create an online test for the course, which can be used whether the material is presented in the online format, or through a presentation in a classroom setting. There are a number of advantages to following a classroom course with an online exam. It offers proof that the materials presented have been retained, and in the arena of ethics, this is an especially important objective. The company’s technology allows it to automatically grade the tests and immediately provide the results to the person taking the exam. It also notifies state insurance commissions when courses are completed and credits earned. It’s testing process and technology also ensures that online exams are proctored in states that have this requirement.

We encourage our state and local chapters to take advantage of this resource not only as a member recruitment tool, but as an example how all members look to the Association to identify key issues facing business in general and the insurance field in particular and to help them build and adapt their business practices.