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Juice Plus

Question: What has Medical Science proven is the most important thing you can do for your health? Answer: Eat 5 to 9 raw fruits and raw vegetables every day. Reality: None of us come close to this daily. Fast food is taking over the American Diet. Whole food is the answer, not fragmented vitamins. Medical research has given us the answer. . . . . . To Learn More

My Wellchoice+

My Wellchoice+ offers wellness programs to individuals; TPA's & groups of all sizes. We provide a proven online wellness program that focuses on Fitness, Nutrition & Life Skills to Adults, Teens and Children. We also provide Smoking Cessation services via tele-phonic coaching for groups of all sizes and Bio-metric testing services for groups down to 50. We compensate you for providing our services that will compliment your clients benefit plans. NAHU members receive 25% off our online wellness program. To Learn More

StayWell Custom Communications

StayWell Custom Communications is the leading provider of custom health and wellness publications and online content solutions to employers, health plans, clinics/hospitals, government agencies and retail pharmacies. With 22 years of experience in the health promotion, wellness, and health education industry, StayWell Custom Communications produces high quality, fully flexible print and online offerings that help clients effectively communicate with their audiences to build a better understanding of health issues and promote active participation by consumers in managing their health care and health outcomes. To Learn More