NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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2014 Nomination Information

NAHU's bylaws provide three opportunities to nominate candidates for NAHU's Board of Trustees.

The first nomination opportunity requires the endorsement of a state or local chapter and is due Friday, January 10, 2014.

The second nomination opportunity occurs between Friday, January 10, and Friday, May 30, 2014—thirty (30) days prior to the opening of NAHU's Annual Convention on June 29, 2014. These nominations require the endorsement of at least three chapters with one of the three chapters being a state chapter.

The third nomination opportunity occurs from the floor of the convention while nominations are open for a particular office. In order to qualify, the nominator must present to the Secretary no less than 24 hours before the opening of the floor for nominations on Sunday, June 29, 2014 a petition containing a minimum number of different state and local associations as follows:

For an office voted on by all delegates, the minimum number of valid signatures shall be twenty-five (25) percent of the registered delegates in attendance at the annual meeting, and a minimum of ten (10) different local member associations from at least five (5) different states must be represented by those signatures.

For an office voted on by delegates from a certain geographic region, the minimum number of valid signatures shall be twenty-five (25) percent of the registered delegates from that region in attendance at the annual meeting representing a minimum of three (3) different local member associations from at least two (2) different states within that region.(See NAHU bylaws, Article X, Section 6)

Nomination Information

To be nominated for an open 2014-2015 Board of Trustees position please submit a completed Nomination Form, a Commitment and Travel Letter and a biography detailing your leadership capabilities, credentials, designations, education, number of years in the insurance business, as well as an outline of the NAHU positions you have held along with your accomplishments as well as an outline of your service to other organizations.

This information should be sent to Bruce Benton, NAHU Immediate Past President, at NAHU, 1212 New York Avenue NW, Ste. 1100, Washington, DC 20005 or faxed to Bruce at 202.747.6820 or e-mailed to him at

Slate of Candidates


Candidate Nomination Forms, Documents and Sample Letter

Nomination Form
Sample Commitment & Travel Letter
Campaign Finance Form
Campaign Guidelines

Open 2014-2015 Board of Trustee Positions

Vice President
Region 2 Vice President*
Region 4 Vice President*
Region 6 Vice President*
Region 8 Vice President*

*Regional vice presidents serve two-year terms

Board of Trustee Position Descriptions

Questions please contact Brooke Willson