NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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Delegate Information

The NAHU House of Delegates provides chapters and their members with the formal opportunity to shape the direction of their association. Exercising this right, by sending delegates to the convention, is one of a chapter's greatest responsibilities.

Each NAHU chapter is entitled to a minimum of three voting delegates. One additional voting delegate is allowed for each additional fifty (50) active members over 100 members listed on NAHU's roster on March 31, 2016. State chapters are eligible to send up to a maximum of eight (8) delegates to the House of Delegates. Local chapters have no such maximum.

Chapters may designate an alternate for each one of its delegates. An alternate may replace a delegate unable to fulfill his/her voting duty.

2016 Delegate Appointment Information

Who Can Be a Delegate?

Delegate Appointment Form 2016

Delegate Numbers by Chapter

Appointed Delegates and Alternate Delegates

Based on NAHU's March 2016 Monthly Membership Report

State chapters are limited to a maximum of eight (8) delegates.

The deadline for delegate appointments is Friday, May 27.

Note: Delegate appointment is a separate process from convention registration. You must complete a convention registration form, and pay all applicable fees, to register for convention.

2016 House of Delegates Information

HOD Handbook

Voting and Election Process for the House of Delegates

Credentialing Process for Appointed and Alternative Delegates

Delegate credentialing hours at NAHU's Annual Convention:

Credentialing is a requirement for voting.

2015 House of Delegates Minutes - NAHU BoT Approved

Items Up for a Vote during the House of Delegates

Candidates for the 2016-2017 NAHU Board of Trustees

President – James R. Stenger
President Elect – Michael A. Embry
Vice President – Russell (Rusty) Rice
Treasurer – Patricia A. Griffey
Secretary (contested) – Dane Rianhard, Mike Stephens
Immediate Past President – Don Goldmann
Region 2 – Erica Hain
Region 4 – Alycia Riedl
Region 6 – Kelly Fristoe
Region 8 – Linda Rose Koehler

2016 Campaign Guidelines

Voting for all contested races will occur on Tuesday, June 28, in the House of Delegates.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Before Don’s term began in New Orleans, the NAHU Board of Trustees had begun an effort to improve overall operation of the Board and its work as the volunteer leaders of our Association by creating a Governance Committee. Its primary role would be to provide critical feedback to the Board as a whole on the numerous governance issues that we regularly face and to be an independent, but experienced perspective on operational concerns or improvements that might be considered.

As a result of their recommendations, the Board of Trustees has approved the following amendments to the NAHU bylaws to be considered at our House of Delegates in Albuquerque in June. The four separate bylaws amendments to be considered and a summary of the rationale for each one can be found here. This is the first step in a conversation that I hope members and especially delegates will have between now and the House of Delegates.

We welcome your feedback and questions. We are planning on having a couple of online meetings for members to discuss these proposed bylaws before we get to Albuquerque. We’ll also spend a good amount of time on this topic during the Town Hall and then of course when the House of Delegates meets at the end of convention.

Bylaws Webinar Recording - held May 19, 2016

Please contact Brooke Willson with any questions.