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ACA Decision Support Tool

NAHU has partnered with ACA Solutions and Associated Benefits Consulting to deliver a unique NAHU endorsed ACA Decision Support Tool. Unique enhancements are exclusively available to the NAHU membership through the NAHU endorsed ACA Decision Support Tool. Additional enhancements are added on an ongoing basis.

NAHU members will have access to the Tool for a special price of $650 annually for each NAHU endorsed ACA Decision Support Tool license. The NAHU endorsed ACA Decision Support Tool delivers an enhanced application exclusively available to NAHU members at a highly discounted price.

Brokers, agents, benefits consultants and benefits professionals are searching for ways to solidify their position with their clients and create avenues for future growth. The complex questions raised for employers by the ACA present a unique opportunity for these professionals to demonstrate their value to their customers and help employers proactively prepare for Healthcare Reform.

This ACA Decision Support Tool is far beyond the calculators that we have all seen to date. It has been thoroughly vetted by knowledgeable professionals who attest to its accuracy and compliance with ACA regulations. Other readily available simple calculators do not comprehensively address all that is Healthcare Reform and the associated impact on employers.

ACA Decision Support Tool is easily implemented, intuitively guides the professional through the process and delivers a succinct summary. Concise tutorials explain the importance of the inputs and the calculations throughout the Tool.

The web based Tool enables a benefit professional to gather and input key individualized employer data and to generate a customized analysis of the ACA's impact.

ACA Decision Support Tool includes:

The ACA Decision Support Tool includes an Employee Survey, a Healthcare Reform Checklist, and Cost Modeling Modules for several alternate strategies. Some of the Cost Modeling Modules and alternate strategies addressed:

We are continually updating the ACA Decision Support Tool to reflect the evolving regulations associated with the Affordable Care Act.

To assist brokers, agents, benefits consultants and benefits professionals in maximizing the many applications of the ACA Decision Support Tool, Associated Benefits Consulting and ACA Solutions are providing consultation services to NAHU members at a discounted bundled rate.

The ACA Decision Support Tool(will include link to ACA Tool page) is the cost effective option that provides the depth needed to address the complex issues of Healthcare Reform.