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Legislative Tools

NAHU's legislative efforts would not be possible without the chapter legislative chairs who oversee all of our legislative and regulatory activities at the grassroots level. NAHU's government affairs staff has developed the following resources to help legislative chairs execute their duties effectively and to help them build strong supporting teams within their chapters.

Tools and Resources for NAHU State and Local Legislative Chairs

Legislative Chair Manual - This manual is designed to help our volunteer leaders understand the responsibilities associated with managing their chapter's legislative team and to provide them with the tools they need to do the job successfully.

Guidelines for Hiring and Working with a State Lobbyist
NAHU strongly urges each state chapter to hire a professional lobbyist. For those chapters that have already done so, it is imperative that you have a system in place to manage your representation effectively. These guidelines will help you achieve these objectives.

Speaking with One Voice
One of the most common government affairs problems our chapters face is how to proceed when a legislative committee cannot come to a consensus about how to handle a particular issue. The NAHU Legislative Council and Board of Trustees have developed guidelines on "Speaking with One Voice" for our chapters to use in addressing this issue.

Health Reform Resources
Resources are available on NAHU's website to assist members with making sense of the many reforms and changes brought about by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Please visit the resource page for updated PowerPoint presentations, timelines, issue briefs, regulations, and more.

Legislative Chair Introductory Webinar and slides - This introductory webinar will provide the foundation chairs need to begin their new legislative role and will offer the tools needed to keep your chapter up to speed on important legislative matters!

HUPAC Chair Introductory Webinar and slides - Join NAHU staff as we highlight a number of important topics for state and local HUPAC chairs such as how you can request a contribution for candidates you chapter supports, how the HUPAC board determines how HUPAC money is dispersed, fundraising strategies, donor contribution levels, FEC compliance information and more.

State-Level Operation Shout - State chapter legislative chairs, presidents and lobbyists can request the use of NAHU's grassroots service, Operation Shout, for state-level legislative alerts. To send an Operation Shout message at the state level, please contact the government affairs staff at

State Fact Sheets

NAHU State Affairs Team

Marcy M. Buckner
Vice President of Government Affairs

Region 5 | Region 6

Phil Miatkowski
Manager of State Affairs

Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 8

Husni Abdelaziz
Associate Manager of State Affairs

Region 4 | Region 7

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