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Market Reforms

NAHU believes that Americans deserve to see what can be done at the federal level to provide better access to individual and small-employer group coverage for everyone who needs it, without taking away the ability of states to innovate in ways that are appropriate for their citizens. Great care needs to be taken when implementing market reforms on a national level so that coverage is affordable. No matter how "fair" a market-reform idea might seem on its surface, it's not at all "fair" if it also prices people out of the marketplace.


Healthy Access to Individual Market Coverage
NAHU has developed specific policy recommendations to ensure that all people, regardless of their health status and pre-existing medical conditions, have the ability to purchase affordable private individual coverage. Such requirements could either be enacted as part of a transition process to complete guaranteed issuance of coverage or they could be stand-alone requirements.

What You Need To Know About Age Bands
America’s Health Insurance Provider (AHIP) has developed a paper on what American’s need to know about age rating and the impact it may have on their health insurance costs.

“Age band Compression Under Health Care Reform” A study on the impact of age band compression.
In January/February 2013, Contingencies, a magazine published by the American Academy of Actuaries, published an article on the possible implications of the Affordable Care Act’s age band compression.