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The Impact of Health Reform on Our Nation's Employers

NAHU members are mostly small business owners, and they know all too well how the high costs of medical care and new health coverage requirements are hindering our nation's economic growth. When these cost drivers are combined with the myriad of new compliance requirements that employers must now perform for and on behalf of their employees, it is no surprise that many companies are re-evaluating their decision to provide health coverage to employees. We are very concerned that the current health reform requirements in PPACA will limit the ability of many employers to continue to be able to afford to offer health insurance coverage to their employees, and that many of the provisions of this law are actually contributing to our nation’s current economic uncertainty and limited job growth. Erosion of the employer-based health insurance system will make health coverage more expensive for millions of Americans and limit their reliable and efficient access to high-quality health coverage.

To ensure that employers continue to invest in their employees' healthcare needs in the years ahead, NAHU believes that many of the new health reform requirements that are discouraging employer-sponsored coverage should be addressed quickly. NAHU would like to see a number of targeted improvements to the current health reform law to make it much more employer-friendly and spur job development rather than hinder it.


Here are some of NAHU’s comment letters on employer issues.

Employer Responsibility Requirements
PPACA imposes a large burden on the nation’s employers. NAHU has outlined several improvements to the current health reform law that would ease the burden on the nation’s employers.

Employers for Flexibility (“E-Flex”) in Health Care Coalition
“E-FLEX” is a coalition of leading trade associations and businesses in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, construction, temporary staffing, supermarket, and other service-related industries, as well as employer-sponsored health plans insuring millions of American workers that strives to preserve employer-sponsored coverage under PPACA.

NAHU has many PPACA resources available for members. These may be found on NAHU’s Compliance Corner.

Employee Calculator
PPACA imposes different sets of benefit requirements for different sized businesses based on the number of full time employees. Counting of employees is a complex and challenging task. NAHU has developed an employee counting calculator, available exclusively for NAHU members to help determine what PPACA requirements your business may be subject to.