NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents, brokers, consultants and benefit professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking health insurance coverage.
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NAHU Exchange Implementation Working Group

NAHU Exchange Recommendations

NAHU Exchange Recommendations - Executive Summary

DHHS Exchange Information Request

Exchange Questions Submitted to DHHS

NAIC Exchange Model Draft

Exchange Coordinator Contact List


Exchange Implementation PowerPoint Presentation

Establishing a Health Insurance Exchange

White Papers

Emerging Health Insurance Exchange Models added 3/8/12

NAIC's Draft White Paper on Health Insurance Exchanges and Adverse Selection

Health Benefit Exchanges: Seamless Enrollment and Affordable Coverage

The State Health Insurance Exchange as an Economic Development Tool

Americans Deserve Access to Professionally Licensed and Trained Health Insurance Agents, Brokers and Consultants

Talking Points

Exchange Talking Points

Why States Should Create Their Own Health Insurance Exchanges


Massachusetts Connector and Utah Exchange Comparison Chart

Other Resources

Exchange Model Bill

NAIC Issue Brief on Health Insurance Exchanges: Plan Management Functions added 3/8/12

Small Business Health Insurance Exchanges webinar and PowerPoint added 3/8/12


CAHU California Health Care Reform Position Paper

Report on California Exchange Issues

California SB-900

California Assembly Bill 602 <


Colorado Exchange Governance and Structure


S.B. 1204 - Establishing the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange


Illinois Health Reform Implementation Council Initial Recommendations

Illinois Department of Insurance Bulletin on Required Submission and Approval of Actuarial Memorandum and Justification Review Standards for New and Renewal Health Rates

Illinois Exchange: Response from Illinois Coalition of Agents and Brokers

Illinois Exchange: Comments from Health Alliance

Illinois Exchange: Response from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Illinois Exchange: Coalition Comments


Minutes from Agent Compensation subgroup meeting of Agents/Brokers/Navigators working group added 3/8/12

SHICK Reference Handbook added 3/8/12


20,000 Direct Jobs in Maryland: The Economic Impact of Maryland’s Health Insurance Brokerage/Underwriting Industry

The Insurance Exchange for Individuals and Small Groups: Differing Experiences for Purchasers in Maryland and Massachusetts

A Health Insurance Exchange for Maryland? Comparing Massachusetts and Maryland


Brief Report on the Massachusetts Health Connector


Ohio Project Narrative

Ohio Health Benefit Exchange Work Plan and Timeline <


H.B. 627 - Establishing the Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange


Tennessee Exchange Comments

Tennessee Exchange Recommendations


Virginia Health Reform Initiative Advisory Council Report