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NAHU PPACA Instructors

Meet the Instructors

Joan Fusco | Ruthann Laswick | Janet Trautwein | Jessica Waltman |

Joan Fusco - Author/Reviewer/Instructor

Joan Fusco is the Director, Research and Education for Savoy Associates Insurance and oversees our Research and Education Department, which provides current, vital information to our staff and brokers on regulatory, legislative, compliance, and dynamic benefit issues. She also directs and instructs for our Continuing Education school, Savoy Associates Insurance Education Services, which provides approximately 70 CE courses per year throughout NY, NJ, PA and DE.

With 30 years of insurance industry experience, vast knowledge, and incredible insight, Joan continually seeks to improve the quality of information and educational resources that we provide to our brokers.

Joan is currently Chair of the NJ Commissioner’s Advisor Board and an active member of the NAHU Legislative Council. She also participated in the development of the NAHU PPACA Certification Course.

Ruthann Laswick - Author/Reviewer/Instructor

The president of Blue Water Benefits Consulting, Ruthann’s career in human resource and employee benefits spans 38 years working from both the consulting side of benefits and the employer’s side. As a compensation and benefits manager for a large international employer, she had first-hand experience working with compliance requirements in both the U.S., Canada and several European countries.

For the past few years much of her time has been spent working on healthcare reform. Since the passage of the PPACA, Ruthann has also been teaching courses for insurance agents and accountants on the components and impact of healthcare reform. A noted expert, Ruthann speaks throughout the country on the PPACA to employers and has partnered large insurance carriers to consult on healthcare reform. She currently serves on several PPACA advisory groups and is the PPACA compliance consultant to a number of national employer associations.

In addition to presenting courses on the PPACA, Ruthann has written and presents courses on ERISA compliance, Medicare, reform and risk management, and HIPAA/HiTech.

Janet Trautwein - Author/Reviewer/Instructor

Janet Trautwein is the chief executive officer of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) in Washington, D.C. NAHU represents more than 100,000 employee benefits professionals involved in the design, sale, implementation and management of health plans all over the United States. Her responsibilities include oversight of all NAHU activities and primary representation of the association to the media, government agencies and elected officials at all levels.

Prior to becoming the CEO of NAHU in 2005, Janet served for many years as the head of NAHU's government affairs department, working with members of Congress, senior government officials, governors and state legislators, and directing the government and political affairs of the organization.

A frequent speaker on health policy issues, Janet’s expertise in issues related to the uninsured, health insurance pools, risk and reinsurance pooling, health related tax issues and both national and global health reform has been recognized throughout the industry. Janet has been asked to testify before Congress numerous times and has been published in major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs around the world.

Jessica Waltman - Author/Reviewer/Instructor

Jessica Waltman is a health reform and business strategy consultant with more than 20 years of experience in health insurance markets, health policy and executive leadership. As the principal at Forward Health Consulting, Jessica currently partners with employer and broker clients to help them with their compliance needs and to advise them about evolving healthcare regulatory and legislative issues, so that her clients are always headed in the direction the market is going.

Prior to founding Forward Health Consulting, Jessica most recently served the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) for 16 years, including eight years as their senior vice president of government affairs. She has travelled the country explaining health reform concepts to vast audiences of agents, brokers, consultants, employers and individual consumers. Jessica has not only read the whole health reform law many times over, but she's also digested the more than 25,000 pages of regulations, guidance and forms that go along with it!

Before joining NAHU, Jessica worked on public health policy issues with a private contracting firm and did a brief stint on Capitol Hill. Jessica earned her degree in political science and non-fiction writing magna cum laude from Drew University in Madison, NJ. She is an active member of both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Associations of Health Underwriters and has served the insurance industry generally as a rotating board member of the National Insurance Producers Registry for the past 12 years. Jessica has taught continuing education classes for brokers in 35 states and she initially conceptualized and now instructs for NAHU's PPACA Certification Course, which is the industry gold standard in health reform education for brokers.

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